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San Antonio Family Portrait Photographer Military homecoming soldier family holding hugging each other Expose The Heart Photography

Military Homecoming: Welcome home daddy!

Military families are the epitome of service before self. I see it time and time again. Families separated while oneView full post »

San Antonio Family Portrait Photography: Hardeman

We love family portrait photography. Pamela came to us because she loved the pictures we did for her daughter-in-lawView full post »

Rustic Gardens Family Reunion

I just love going out to Rustic Gardens. Not only is the place beautiful, but I love the drive there. The ownersView full post »

Newborn: Isabel

This is one of the reason I love doing weddings, because next comes the babies. We love to see families grow. Irene andView full post »

Happy 16th Birthday Elena

As most know, I am an auntie of 12. Yes 12! I take my role as an auntie very seriously, because growing up I didn’View full post »

Getting Raw With the Galvez Family

Took some long over due family photos of our friends Audrey and Leo over at Raw Images Photography. If you have had theView full post »

Destiny Maternity: Here comes Olivia

As with all things, change is inevitable. One day we are shooting a couple’s wedding the next we are takingView full post »

Christmas Eve Dinner: A New Holiday Tradition

When families grow, holidays become a little more difficult to find the time to see every member. I have not had theView full post »

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