We are San Antonio wedding photographers David and Irene Castillo of Expose The Heart Photography. This blog is kind of the viewfinder of our lives as San Antonio photographers. Fifteen years ago we started doing photography as more of a hobby. . As our love for one another grew from friendship to more; so did our love and passion for photography. So we decided start a San Antonio wedding photography studio. We look at life as an adventure and are happy to share the journey with you good or bad! On this blog you will see our lives as San Antonio photographers as well as peek into our day to day lives.

    We photograph more than San Antonio weddings and more than San Antonio wedding photographers. We also have a thriving San Antonio portrait photography business as well that includes newborn photography, baby photography, family photography, high school senior photography, real estate photography, and commercial photography. We can even take your picture using film formats as well since we have our own darkroom.

Team Grace: a race for the cure

Last year I got an email from Saddleback  Leather (where I got my favorite bag from) asking for help raising money for Type 1 Diabetes. The owner, Dave Munson, was trying to help out his niece ,Grace, who has Type 1 Diabebtes. Now if  you don’t know about Saddleback Leather you need to check them out. They make some of the most amazing leather goods, all backed by a 100 year warranty.

I was amazed to find out that they helped raise over $30,000 last year.  They hope to raise over $60,000 this year. To find out more and to help donate (there is also a free leather bracelet for you) please go here. Oh and don’t forget to check out Team Grace’s video bellow.

Angel + Jessica Downtown San Antonio Wedding

From the very first moment I met Angel and Jessica I knew they were meant to be. They finished one another’s sentences, they laughed at the same corny jokes I was telling (I am not the best comedian) The thing that stood out the most was that they were genuine. They spoke of how they met in high school due to Jessica getting in trouble for talking too much! Now if you meet Jessica you will learn very quickly that this girl loves a good story and loves to laugh. When Angel was ready to propose he did not hold back. After a romantic dinner, Angel proposed to Jessica in downtown San Antonio on a Cinderella horse-drawn carriage.

Angel and Jessica couldn’t have had a more perfect wedding. I photograph many weddings and I was so moved at this wedding I had to put down my camera to wipe my tears. They both were so eager to take on the next chapter in their book it showed in every photo.

A beautiful gown for a beautiful bride. As soon as I saw Jessica in her gown I could not wait to see the expression on Angel as his bride walked down the aisle. The pictures say it all. The ceremony was held at the San Fernando Cathedral and as the ceremony continued I stepped to the back of the church to get a different perspective of what was taking place. A man came into the church saw the couple, immediately went to his knees, raised his arms, and began to pray over them. When he had finished his prayer he looked over at me wiped his eyes, said nothing only smiled stood up and left. I found it interesting for a man of no relation to come in and experience what we all were feeling during the ceremony- Love. Sealed with a kiss we headed to the reception located at The Gunther Hotel. Jessica had prepared a surprise for Angel a nice little detail to add to the already special day.

San Antonio wedding photographer gunter hotel san fernando expose the heart 01San Antonio wedding photographer gunter hotel san fernando expose the heart 01San Antonio wedding photographer gunter hotel san fernando expose the heart 03San Antonio wedding photographer gunter hotel san fernando expose the heart 05San Antonio wedding photographer gunter hotel san fernando expose the heart 06San Antonio wedding photographer gunter hotel san fernando expose the heart 11San Antonio wedding photographer gunter hotel san fernando expose the heart 08

Angel’s face as he sees his surprise. He was happy all right!

San Antonio wedding photographer gunter hotel san fernando expose the heart 09

The reception was beautiful, there was dancing, laughing and well… a coyote. You know you can’t go wrong when the San Antonio Spurs Coyote shows up at your wedding! He was a hit and grandma seemed to really love him too.

San Antonio wedding photographer gunter hotel san fernando expose the heart 10San Antonio wedding photographer gunter hotel san fernando expose the heart 12San Antonio wedding photographer gunter hotel san fernando expose the heart 13San Antonio wedding photographer gunter hotel san fernando expose the heart 14

The love Angel and Jessica share I pray will always be this strong. Thank you both for allowing David and I to be part of your memories. Your family was so welcoming and lovable that we felt right at home and we pray many blessings on what life may bring!


Vendor List:

San Antonio Wedding Photographer: Expose the Heart

Ceremony Location: San Fernando Cathedral

Reception Location: Gunter Hotel


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Newborn Toes: Baby Campbell

I love it when I get to photograph a new life begin. There is something about babies that makes me feel warm and cozy inside. Maybe it is their smell, their little toes, or just the fact that creation just took place and I get to be a part of it.

Vanessa and Grant were referred by our good friends, John and Whitney Canales (owners and photographers at Leaves of my Tree). Vanessa explained to me how they were welcoming this little man into the world and aside from their two chows he would be the very first addition to the family tree.

Excited about this little Mr. we talked for months about what she would like to incorporate into the session and below are a few of our favorites.

David and I are excited to welcome our youngest ETH friend to date to you all. We have a long journey ahead filled with many life memories of this little man and we are looking forward to seeing him grow.

It was very nice to meet you Campbell we wish you a life full of blessings and laughter. <3

The doctor is in: Roy + Renee

We met Roy and Renee at the Botanical Garden for their engagement session. Renee loved all the flowers and said that it was a perfect setting to help document their love.

We started to walk and talk and next thing you know David and I became invisible. There were no more conversations to be had only looks of  love eternal, kisses backed with passion, and mouths filled with laughter that no other person could provide.

Roy and Renee we love watching you two in love and are so happy to call you both friends. We look forward to watching your relationship grow as husband and wife and beyond! Thank you for the privilege of sharing in your memories.

April 27, 2013 - 12:27 am

San Antonio Wedding Photography: Renee and Roy at the Vineyards » San Antonio wedding photography – Expose the Heart Blog - […] If you would like to see more of Renee and Roy Check out their engagement session here. […]

New house, new car, new blog

New House

We felt the best way to start the Expose the Heart blog off is to let you know about what is new in our life and the changes and challenge we have had this year. You might want to grab a cup of your beverage of choice. I have a feeling this might be a long one.

It started as a short conversation while I was getting ready for work.

Irene – I want to paint the walls
David -You know we can’t (it was in our rental contract)
Irene – Well then maybe it’s time for a new house
David – OK. Find the house you want and we will see what we can do.

I really didn’t think much of it, but apparently Irene did. When I got home from work she had a realtor, a lender, secured financing, and had a list of houses for me to look over. Now in this moment I stop and think “now this is why I marred this woman (among other reasons). She knows how to get things done and she doesn’t mess around!”

We found two houses that evening that we really liked. The first one seemed to be the perfect house. It had all the room we could need and was well under budget. The second house was even nicer. A nicely remodeled home in the Art Deco District in San Antonio, but alas, it was more than we really wanted to spend. We set an appointment with our realtor and went to go see the first house with no intention of checking out the second. We walked into the house with high hopes and walked out with a nice dose of reality. Now one would think that as photographers we would know that pictures can be deceiving. Well, we were deceived by those pesky low resolution images on Zillow. We were distraught. OK, OK, “distraught” might be too strong of a word, but we were at least frazzled.

In a moment of clarity, we remembered that the other house was only a minute or two away. We quickly asked our realtor if she could call and check to see if it was possible to view the house the same day. As luck would have it, no one was living in the house so it was available to view immediately. Without haste, we were off to take a peek at this little treasure.

The view when we pulled up is of a little bright yellow house that is straight out of Better Homes and Gardens, well at least in our eyes it was. We were speechless as we walked in. It had everything we were looking for: a fire place, hardwood floors, plenty of counter space and storage in the kitchen, and the coupe de grâce . . . a sunroom.

Our Yellow House

Now you have to understand, a sunroom is something I have heard Irene talk about since we met. Sunroom this and sunroom that. She had all these visions of the house we would live in, and they all had a sunroom in them I’m sure. When she walked into the sunroom all I heard her say was “I can see myself giving birth in this room!!!” While probably not your typical response it was truly an “Irene” response, and yet another reason why I love her. She just puts her self all out there for the world to see with no reservation or fear, something I am trying to “learn” from her, but I digress.

As soon as I heard those words leave her lips I knew this would be our house. Our home. It would be the place we would start our lives and family together. But then it hits me . . . Isn’t this the house that was not really in our budget? Also you aren’t supposed to fall in love with the first houses you see are you?

After our visit to the “Yellow House” we talked a bit and decided that it would be wise to keep looking and see if we could find something more affordable. Irene was ready for the challenge pen, paper, and iPad in hand she went off on a two and a half month quest to find us a house. She would go with the realator during the week and see at least ten houses every other day. Then on the weekend I would go with her to see the ones she liked. I particularly liked what we lovingly referred to as the “Pimp House”.

Throughout this time we would continue to stop by the “Yellow House” and compare the house we had just seen to it. None of them stood up to it, not even the “Pimp House”. So we prayed on it, asking the Lord if this little “Yellow House” was not the house for us then just take it away. The thing is, just the opposite happened. The price of the house kept falling and falling. It fell to exactly the amount we wanted to pay! All I have to say is “But God”.

It was a done deal. We signed the papers, packed the old house, and forwarded the mail. We had found our home.

– David Castillo

New Car

Shortly after our move to the new house my older brother came to me with a proposal that we simply could not refuse. Before I go ahead and tell you the story let me clarify a few things first. David and I are both Volkswagen lovers! (yeah vee dub love!) My older brother Gilbert has owned several bugs in his life and turned me on to them at a very young age. David has become a fan of them as well and we have been to several Volkswagen shows in and around town to show support.

A couple of years back my brother purchased a very rare VW that I had never heard of and I fell in love instantly. I offered him more than what he paid for it to just to own this beauty and he refused. The vehicle was a 1968 Type 3 Squareback and looked completely junky, but I loved everything about it and any chance I had to try and make him an offer for it I would. Shortly after purchasing our house my brother decided he would let it go since he had not been working on it and wanted to take on another project and had promised years ago that if he did decide to let it go he would offer it to me first. He called early in the morning and woke me with the proposal. I agreed to purchase the vehicle (as if I would have said no) under the condition that any mechanical work that needed to be done he would assist me through because I know very little about fixing cars. To my surprise he agreed and we set off on a journey of fixing this vehicle.

My older brother and I work well together. We have been buddies since I was 15 years old and despite our age difference (he is twice my age) have always got along well. This vehicle is allowing us to spend the time together that we did as I was growing up, but in different ways. He has taught me all the internals of a vehicle and I feel confident to say that I could distinguish parts of a vehicle and understand what someone is referring to when talking “shop”. So far David, my brother Gilbert, and I have been working diligintly on repairing the vehicle. We have added an new exhaust, had the engine rebuilt, had the gas tank cleaned (dipped) and lots of little odds and ends. The car is so neat and I am happy to own it and when I look out the window of my house I see the vehicle and think that possibly a similar car to this could have been in the same spot many years ago. Our house was built in 1948 so it isn’t a far fetched concept. I am looking forward to the remainder of the journey with our little Squareback which you shall hopefully see in some Expose the Heart photo sessions in the near future!

-Irene Castillo

New Blog

David and I figured that with all the beginnings that have taken place this year it would only make sense for us to start a blog. We plan to post on it often and use this as a place to share photos of our lives, our thoughts, and the people who surround us. Expose the Heart is not just our company name, but our approach at life. We look forward to sharing our journey with you!

– Irene Castillo

August 9, 2012 - 10:06 pm

Amanda Kyle - Love the blog! Love your pics! Keep em coming!!!
PS- see the pic of Olivia and I makes my heart melt. She is growing so very fast and is so amazing. Thanks for capturing our special moments which seem so long ago!

K e y w o r d s
S o c i a l   P i c t u r e s