About Expose the Heart Photography

San Antonio Wedding Photography CoupleI’m Irene. He’s my husband David. We live in San Antonio, Texas and this blog is basically our photography of life diary. Photography started as a hobby at the age of 15 for me and for David well, he has a funnier story of how he accidentally came into photography (you really want to ask him about this one!), but trust me he fell in love with it pretty quickly. At the age of 17 years old only two years after starting photography I met David and he fell even harder for me! And boy was I glad he did.

We spent our days as a couple running around San Antonio with our cameras and photographing everything that crossed our paths. Somewhere along the way it became our full time job (no one was more surprised about that than us) We were just two photographer nuts doing what we loved and with the person we loved most in life. In 2010 we decided to tie the knot after only 9 years of dating (we really wanted to make sure this was the real deal!)

We now spend our days traveling, meeting new people, and photographing them. We love photography and love the people we meet even more so! It’s a pretty fun life when you get to spend your days photographing people at their happiest moments and watching history in the making. It’s an even sweeter time when you’ve got your best friend at your side.

Welcome to our little slice of the internet and we are so glad you came!

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